Friday, May 2, 2014

Almond-Crusted Chicken Paillards

This recipe is from page 214 of the February 2011 episode of Cosmopolitan magazine.
It was so flavorful and a great blend of textures...SO GOOD!
yield: 4 servings

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
black pepper
⅔C sliced unblanched almonds
⅔C panko bread crumbs
½tsp dried tarragon
2 eggs
20 cherry tomatoes, halved
2 scallions, trimmed and thinly sliced
2tbs lemon juice
4tbs extra-virgin olive oil
1tbs butter, melted

  1. Pat the chicken breasts dry with paper towels.
  2. Pound each chicken breast with a mallet or rolling pin to an even thickness, working out from the center. (Do not make them thinner than about ⅜")
  3. Season both sides generously with salt and pepper.
  4. Pulse the almonds a few times in a food processor until coarsely chopped (Don't pulverize!).
  5. Combine the almonds on a plate with the panko and half of the tarragon.
  6. Lightly whisk the eggs in a shallow bowl with a pinch of salt.
  7. Dip each piece of chicken into the eggs, letting the excess drip away.
  8. Press both sides of the chicken into the panko mixture.
  9. Place on a baking sheet, and refrigerate for at least 20 minutes to set the crust.
  10. Meanwhile, put the tomatoes and scallions in a bowl.
  11. Add the lemon juice, 2tbs olive oil, and the remaining tarragon.
  12. Toss to coat, and set aside.
  13. Heat a 12" skillet over medium heat.
  14. Add the butter and the remaining 2tbs olive oil.
  15. When the butter has foamed, place the chicken in the pan.
  16. Increase the heat to medium-high.
  17. Cook, turning once, until the crust sets and turns golden brown 3 to 3.5 minutes on each side.
  18. Cut the paillards in halves or thirds, arrange on a platter or large plate.
  19. Serve immediately with the tomato salad spooned on top.
  20. Enjoy!

Roasted Beet, Goat Cheese, Mint, & Edamame Salad

This recipe is from page 208 of the April 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
I love goat cheese, so when I skimmed through my recipe stack I knew I had to give it a go. It was delicious and super super filling.
yield: 4 meal-sized servings, 6+ side dish-sized servings

for salad
1tbs olive oil
8 small (or 4 larger) beets, diced
2tbs balsamic vinegar
3 sprigs fresh thyme, leaves only
⅛tsp sugar
2/3C edamame beans (fresh or frozen)
1 bunch of fresh mint, finely shredded
1/2C toasted hazelnuts, lightly crushed
7oz goat cheese, crumbled
1 small handful of basil leaves

for dressing
2tbs honey mustard
zest and juice of 1 lemon
2tbs olive oil
⅛tsp black pepper
⅛tsp salt

  1. for salad: Preheat a skillet with olive oil.
  2. Put the beets into the pan, and cook on high heat for 6 minutes until the beets are charred on the edges.
  3. Add balsamic vinegar, thyme leaves, and sugar.
  4. Reduce the heat, and let beets cook for 3-5 more minutes.
  5. for dressing: Remove the beets from the pan, reduce the heat to the lowest setting, and add the ingredients for the dressing to the pan drippings.
  6. Mix well.
  7. Remove from heat.
  8. If the edamame beans are frozen, but them in a heatproof bowl, pour boiling water over them to thaw, then drain.
  9. Put beans into a large bowl.
  10. Add mint and hazelnuts.
  11. Drizzle with half of the dressing from the pan.
  12. Add beets to a large platter or bowl.
  13. Scatter goat cheese and mint bean mixture over the beets.
  14. Drizzle with the remaining dressing.
  15. Sprinkle basil leaves over the salad.
  16. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Copycat Famous Dave's Drunkin Apples

I found this recipe on page 68 of an old issue of People magazine (I don't know which issue because I had torn the recipe out and stashed it away for another time). I made them for Easter and boy were they delicious (and went super fast). The recipe called for amaretto, but I didn't have any so I used Grand Marnier...other than that I followed it exactly as written.

yield: 6-8 servings

3tbs butter
½C sugar
½tsp ground cinnamon
½tsp ground nutmeg
3tbs honey
3tbs Grand Marnier
1tsp lemon juice
3tbs frozen orange juice concentrate
⅓C cold water
1tbs cornstarch
2½ lbs Granny Smith apples, peeled & diced 

  1. Melt butter in a Dutch oven over medium heat.
  2. Stir in sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, Grand Marnier, and lemon juice.
  3. Bring mixture to a boil, stirring occasionally.
  4. Cook 1 minute.
  5. Combine orange juice concentrate and water in a small bowl.
  6. Add cornstarch, whisking until smooth.
  7. Add orange juice mixture into hot sugar mixture.
  8. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally.
  9. Stir apple slices into sugar mixture.
  10. Cover and cooke 12 minutes, stirring occasionally.
  11. Uncover and simmer 5 minutes, or until apples are tender.
  12. Enjoy!

Grandma Margie's Potato Salad

For pretty much every occasion, my Grandma Margie made potato salad -- A LOT of potato salad.
Her recipe was mostly of the "little bit of this" "not too much of that" variety, but I've gotten it into measured amounts, but kept her advice in the directions...for a large crowd.

In terms of mayonnaisey potato salads, Grandma Margie's is the only one I will eat. True story.


5lbs potatoes
1 medium onion (or a bunch of green onions), diced
6 pieces celery, chopped
5 hard boiled eggs, cooled & chopped
2 tsp dried parsley
1 tsp salt
1 tbs vinegar
64oz mayonnaise (I use Duke's, Grandma used Hellman's)

  1. Boil potatoes in skins until done (but not falling apart).
  2. Slice potatoes (but not too thin).
  3. Add celery, onions, eggs, and parsley in a big bowl. Mix together.
  4. Add half of the mayo and mix thoroughly.
  5. Sprinkle in vinegar and add the other half of the mayo until evenly coated.
  6. Mix until salad tastes right and isn't too dry.
  7. Enjoy!