Friday, June 14, 2013

CSA Week #1

This year we signed up for our first go at a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share.
After exploring a few options, we decided on Breezy Willow Farm because in addition to great fruits and vegetables we get eggs, bread, and herbs weekly with the occasional yogurt, cheese, jam or honey thrown in.
Though we were a little intimidated at the thought of so much produce, we decided that a CSA share is just what we needed to help us stay on track with our healthy eating, and the added benefit is that the produce is local, organic, and where else can you get SO MUCH stuff for around $37 a week?

I present to you our first week's pickup:
We received:
12 farm fresh eggs
a loaf of "Herb de Breezy Willow" bread (made by Great Harvest Bread Co.)
a bundle of asparagus
a bag of mushrooms
3 of the biggest green onions I've ever seen
red chard
3 zucchinis
a bag of spinach
a bag of salad mix
a head of romaine

 Our pick up is on Thursdays, with our first taking place on June 6th.
We didn't get back from Italy until late late late on the 7th, and really didn't touch any of our share until the 9th. So, for not being around for a few days of our first week I think we did pretty well consumption wise.

A week later, this is what we have left:
8 eggs
1/2 loaf of bread
head of romaine
2 green onions (chopped and put in a vacuum seal bag in the freezer)
1.5 zucchinis (chopped and put in a vacuum seal bag in the freezer)

Our second pick up was supposed to be yesterday, but thanks to this tornado, was rescheduled for today.

Get excited for week 2, I know I sure am!

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